Color Park (Lux Helsinki)

  ‘Color Park’ is a light installation by Nordic Light Artist, Kari Kola. It was part of the Lux Helsinki festival of light, in January 2016. Having experienced my first Finnish winter (albeit, a very mild one); the pomp of an interesting festival focused on light was very appealing. Helsinki, after all, has the most peculiar daylight patterns I’ve ever… continue reading

Recommended Podcasts

I’m an avid podcast listener. The mixture of them being on demand, regularly published, widely varied, and often having a massive back catalogue of episodes to listen to really appeals to me. I’ve put together a list of my most highly recommended podcasts, and I’ll aim to keep this list up to date (and in order… continue reading

Doctor’s Child Projects

It’s been what feels like years in the making, but my new website and portfolio has finally launched. I’ve always had a web presence, but nothing that really served a purpose. That changed this year, when I became a full time freelancer and I needed to display my portfolio online. The ability to demonstrate my worth, went from a ‘nice… continue reading