Color Park (Lux Helsinki)

‘Color Park’ is a light installation by Nordic Light Artist, Kari Kola. It was part of the Lux Helsinki festival of light, in January 2016.

Having experienced my first Finnish winter (albeit, a very mild one); the pomp of an interesting festival focused on light was very appealing. Helsinki, after all, has the most peculiar daylight patterns I’ve ever experienced. Ranging from an average of 6 hours in December, to almost 19 hours of daylight in June. I now fully understand why Finns make such a big deal of Midsummer.

The weather also deals in extremes (even in Helsinki, right in the south of Finland). With the January of 2016 bringing an uncharacteristically arctic chill down south. We clocked temperatures of -26°c (not including wind chill), and when it’s that cold, it really stings to spend any longer than 5 minutes outside.

Thankfully, if Finland knows anything, it’s how to deal with lots of snow. Everything from the fleet of winter vehicles that come out of hibernation after the first snow, right through to the barriers surrounding large buildings that swiftly get erected once everything begins to thaw and fall from the roofs. In this regard, I know I’m in safe hands. Things Britain come to a stand still for much less.